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How to tell the difference between blue topaz and aquamarine. When buying an aquamarine gemstone you should be careful. A light blue topaz is a lot cheaper than an aquamarine, and it is very hard to differentiate between the two. The two are so similar that fraudulent jewellers sometimes advertise and sell a topaz as an aquamarine instead.


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Blue topaz and Aquamarine are one of the most popular gemstones nowadays when it comes to blue colored stones. The divine blue color is certainly something they have in common and both of them will turn your jewelry into dazzling pieces! Aquamarin...


To determine if a gem is an Aquamarine or Blue Topaz you can do a visual inspection for visible flaws. It is rare that you will find visual flaws in Aquamarine. ... The difference between the ...


How to distinguish between Aquamarine and Blue Topaz. 7/18/2015 0 Comments Do you have a ring that has a blue centre stone and are confused whether it is aquamarine or blue topaz? Most of the time, it is really hard to tell the difference. Aquamarine and Topaz are actually two different types of gems, but their hues can overlap due to which ...


Clip 0 of 0 The Trick to Telling Aquamarine from Blue Topaz. Find out whether you're wearing the more expensive aquamarine or just blue topaz.


Another difference is the refraction property of these gems. Aquamarine has weak refraction while topaz has stronger refraction. Though aquamarine and topaz may have the same physical properties, they still differ in hardness, composition, price as well as refraction. Aquamarine basically has blue shades while topaz comes in different colors.


Blue Topaz is usually a much darker blue than aquamarine. I have seen aquamarines that are almost the same color as Blue Topaz but the price for them was waaaaay over what you would pay for a lighter aqua. A bit of green or gray tint is common in aquas, whereas Blue Topaz colors are a much purer navy blue.


Why does aquamarine cost so much more than blue topaz that's almost the same color? Blue topaz is more common because the color is produced by treating colorless topaz with radiation. Aquamarine is more rare in nature, especially in fine color.


Blue topaz comes in a wide range of blue shades and depths of saturation, but these shades lack a green tinge, favoring instead a pure blue tone. Contrasting Composition. The chemical composition of gemstones can come into play when comparing them. For instance, because blue zircon is dense, it's typically heavier than blue topaz.