When assessing the potential downsides of dietary changes, it's important to consider a variety of factors regarding the food, its effects and the individual, according to MedicineNet. While certain foods may be associat... More »

Snacks suitable for a diabetic diet include almonds, cherry tomatoes, carrots, whole wheat crackers and rice cakes in appropriate portions, suggests the American Diabetes Association. In general, whole grains, fruits and... More »

Some clinical studies have indicated measurable benefits for Type-2 diabetics who follow paleolithic diet plans, as reported by David C. Klonoff, M.D. in the Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology. Diabetics on paleo... More »

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Maintaining a healthy weight and choosing a diet that is low in salt can help blood pressure stay at normal levels, but some patients need more than dietary changes to solve blood pressure issues. There are many factors ... More »

Although heart disease has a variety of contributing factors, people who eat a healthy diet can lower their risks of having a heart attack, explains Helpguide. Research published in the medical journal Circulation indica... More »

Some simple dietary changes can be made to help limit the severity of colitis symptoms, such as cutting out or limiting the amount of fried foods and eating smaller portions more often, as opposed to large infrequent mea... More »

An abnormally low platelet count can be raised through dietary changes according to the Platelet Disorder Support Association. Anti-inflammatory diets, like a macrobiotic diet that consists mainly of whole grains, beans ... More »