A good diet for a person with diverticulitis usually starts with a liquid diet, according to Mayo Clinic. This is because it is important to give the digestive system a chance to rest. Afterward, an individual may begin ... More »

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Stanford Health Care, the University of California San Francisco and the Mayo Clinic all provide information for a diverticulitis diet. Each of the company websites cover the basics of a diverticulitis diet, which foods ... More »

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Individuals with diverticulitis should initially consume clear liquids such as broth, gelatin, water and fruit juice without pulp, according to Mayo Clinic. As the person feels better, low-fiber foods can be slowly added... More »

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Initially, diverticulitis patients often follow a liquid diet before transitioning to low-fiber foods and eventually eating high-fiber foods. Diverticultis sufferers should slowly work towards eating 25 or 35 grams of fi... More »

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There are no specific foods that prevent or treat diverticulitis, but a diet high in fiber-rich foods, such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables, helps to soften the stools for easier elimination, according to Mayo Cli... More »

Although a liquid diet is not a cure for diverticulitis, it is prescribed in mild or severe cases and when taking antibiotics to give the digestive system a rest, states Mayo Clinic. Treatment can also include surgery in... More »

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The first few days of a diverticulitis diet may be limited to clear liquids, including broth, fruit juices, water, tea and coffee, according to the Mayo Clinic. Low-fiber foods such as cooked fruits and vegetables, eggs,... More »