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After a kidney removal, doctors recommend eating the usual diet and drinking four to eight glasses of water daily, according to MedlinePlus. Doctors may suggest eating fiber-rich foods or taking psyllium if the patient has hard stools after surgery.


Foods to avoid on a kidney diet include high-potassium foods, such as avocados, bananas, artichokes, kale and beans, according to the American Kidney Fund. Patients with chronic kidney disease should also avoid high-phosphorus foods, including bran cereals, oatmeal, whole-grain bread, nuts and dark


Patients who have had a kidney removed can generally follow a normal diet that provides plenty of fiber, according to MedlinePlus. Staying hydrated is important, and individuals should drink between four and eight glasses of water per day, unless their doctor provides other guidance.


Although there is no one correct diet plan for everyone with kidney problems, most kidney diets are low in sodium, protein and fat. Depending on the severity of the patient's kidney disease, a kidney diet may limit potassium, phosphorus and fluids as well, explains the American Kidney Fund. The numb


Drinking enough water, eating citrus fruits and watching fat intake are all good diet practices when dealing with kidney stones, according to MedlinePlus. There are different types of kidney stones, and all of them have different diet requirements.


Most people suffering from kidney disease are instructed to follow a preferred diet of low-protein intake, according to the National Institutes of Health's MedlinePlus. It is also recommended that salt intake be limited.


The recommended diet plan for patients with kidney disease focuses on limiting consumption of potassium, phosphorus and fluids to prevent the accumulation of waste and fluids, which leads to other health issues, according to the American Kidney Fund. Moreover, it is essential to limit protein, satur


Recipes for dogs on a kidney diet include low-phosphorus dog food, egg and sweet potato, and PetPlace.com's recipe for homemade dog food for dogs with kidney disease. Dogs with kidney disease may benefit from a diet that is low in phosphorus and contains high-quality protein.


A high protein diet, such as the Atkins diet, can put additional strain on the kidneys of people who already suffer from kidney problems, according to WebMD. Some experts say that a high protein diet can increase the incidence of kidney stones. For healthy people, a high protein diet is usually not


Surgery is the primary treatment for most kidney cancers, according to the Kidney Cancer Association. There are different types of surgeries available, and the specific procedure depends on the type of cancer, the size of the tumor, the extent of the cancer and the overall health of the patient.