Losing weight fast is often an unhealthy and potentially dangerous endeavor. However, there are healthy, effective ways to lose weight quickly that do not strain or harm the body. Kathleen M. Zelman of WebMD gives tips t... More »

According to WebMD, effective weight loss takes time and persistence. When considering safety, the fastest method for losing weight incorporates a healthy mix of diet renovation, decreased caloric intake and increased ph... More »

According to WebMD, the fastest way to lose weight is to adopt a healthy lifestyle and get rid of bad habits. This means quitting smoking, cutting back on alcohol, limiting salt intake and eating out less. Healthy habits... More »

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Losing weight fast, easy and free is as simple as cutting calories and increasing movement. The key to any weight loss plan involves healthy lifestyle changes. Easy actions, such as cutting out junk food and wearing a pe... More »

A woman can gain weight quickly by consuming more calories than she burns each day. To gain weight in a healthy way, a woman should eat nutrient-rich, calorie-dense foods instead of empty calories. Strength training help... More »

To gain weight quickly, eat more frequently and try to find foods that are healthy yet high in calories and good fats. Establish a regular muscle-building exercise routine, and be careful about the beverages you drink be... More »

WebMD states that the most important way to help a kid lose weight is to improve the child's diet and help him increase his physical activity. To improve the child's diet, the focus should be on improving the quality of ... More »