A healthy diet consists of eating low-fat, low-calorie foods that include choices from each of the major food groups. This means eating fruits, vegetables, whole grains, proteins and dairy products. It is important to li... More »

Making a personalized diet plan can be done in less than a day. In order to create a diet plan, you need a means of recording your plan and research tools, such as a computer or nutrition book. More »

Multiple three-day diet plans are available; each plan has the dieter consume a very low amount of calories per day, after which he typically loses several pounds. However, dieters typically gain back the weight lost on ... More »

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Dean Ornish promotes a "spectrum" of food choices divided into groups numbered 1 through 5. Foods in groups 1 through 3 tend to be more healthy foods, while foods in groups 4 and 5 tend to be less healthy. More »

The three-day diet helps individuals lose 10 pounds by severely limiting calories and food choices. Marketers state that the balance of chemicals and enzymes in the diet contributes to weight loss, but there is no eviden... More »

Slim4Life is a holistic weight-loss program, the diet plans of which involve reducing daily caloric intake and making healthy food choices as formulated during one-on-one diet counseling sessions. As part of the Slim4Lif... More »

A cost-efficient renal diet program combines food choices that avoid taxing the kidneys with frugal shopping habits. Patients following a renal diet typically reduce protein, electrolyte and fluid intake while increasing... More »