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The Autoimmune Paleo (AIP) Diet is the hypothyroidism diet we recommend to our patients. Similar to the Whole30 diet, the AIP diet restricts your intake of potential food allergens. This thyroid diet is short-term .


Before we outline foods for hypothyroidism, let’s discuss the importance of iodine and selenium. Iodine is required for the normal functioning of the thyroid, so when the thyroid is under-performing, boosting iodine can help it. Iodine-rich foods may aid in symptoms associated with hypothyroidism and assist your metabolism.


Limit foods high in soy protein, because large amounts of soy might interfere with the absorption of thyroid hormone. Also avoid excessive amounts of iodine, either in medications or supplements, as this could potentially alter your thyroid hormone level. Most iodine-rich foods, such as iodized products or fish, are acceptable.


Foods to Limit on a Hyperthyroidism Diet. These are the types of foods to consider limiting. High Iodine Foods. Too much iodine can worsen the conditions of hyperthyroidism as the thyroid gland ends up producing too much thyroid hormone. Popular foods high in iodine include fish, dairy products and egg yolk.


Healthy Foods for Hypothyroidism Fish: Wild caught salmon, mackerel, sardines and tuna form an important part in a hypothyroidism diet because these fishes are rich in iodine and selenium, both of which are essential for maintaining hormone balance and thyroid function. These fishes are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids.


Hypothyroidism requires a thyroid medication, often for a lifetime, but a hypothyroid diet can help you cope with the symptoms of hypothyroidism. Foods linked to hypothyroidism treatment include iodine, L-tyrosine, and selenium-rich foods.


In fact, there is no specific "thyroid diet." The most important "rule" is one that all diets—even non-condition specific ones—have in common: focus on balanced, calorie-controlled meals full of whole foods, including fruits, veggies, whole grains, legumes, and lean proteins.


Even though a lot of thyroid-healthy foods are derived from animals and animal products, studies have shown that eating a vegan diet may also be effective. In fact, a 2013 study published in Nutrients found that people following a vegan diet less likely to develop hypothyroidism, a condition where your thyroid produces fewer hormones than it ...


If you do, the symptoms of hypothyroidism will gradually return. Proper absorption of levothyroxine. Certain medications, supplements and even some foods may affect your ability to absorb levothyroxine. Talk to your doctor if you eat large amounts of soy products or a high-fiber diet or you take other medications, such as:


For example, I recently consulted with a couple who both followed a low carbohydrate diet, one for 2 years, and one for less, while both developed thyroid issues. ( Note: Low-carb diets are well known to suppress thyroid function as discussed in this article on low carb thyroid dangers .)