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Mar 17, 2017 ... Let the reluctant hero from 'Die Hard' show you how to handle a crisis. ... some John McClane quotes when you're stuck in a bad situation.


Die Hard Famous Quotes & Sayings. List of top 100 famous quotes and sayings about die hard to read and share with friends on your Facebook, Twitter, blogs.


Jul 30, 2009 ... Holly Gennero McClane: After all your posturing, all your speeches, you're nothing but a common thief. Hans Gruber: I am an exceptional ...


Dec 30, 2009 ... Can you name the Die Hard Quotes? Test your knowledge on this movies quiz and compare your score to others. Quiz by dacosta625.


Posted on February 5, 2015 in Film with tags Die Hard, Hans Gruber, Villains ... Sugh a lovely, evocatove quote, suggesting such epic scope, such sweeping ...


Mar 4, 2016 ... Bruce Willis tweaked his now-iconic "Die Hard" line during filming.


Bruce Willis Die Hard Quote. Quote number 610544. Find all the best picture quotes, sayings and quotations on PictureQuotes.com.


Old habits die hard, I guess. If you dont kick... - Mel Gibson quotes at AZquotes.com.


Jul 15, 2013 ... 14 'Die Hard' Quotes That Prove the Movie Still Rules After 25 Years · "Oh my God, the quarterback is TOAST!" -- Theo · "You t...


Sep 9, 2016 ... Everyone's knows the iconic "Yipee-Ki-Yay" quote from Die Hard, but Bruce Willis had plenty more one-liners to offer. Looking back at.


Movie Quotes from Die Hard: Quotes from the movie Die Hard ... (Powell) I'm at Nakatomi Plaza. They're turning my car into Swiss cheese! I need backup assistance ...