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Working capital. Working capital is the money that allows a corporation to function by providing cash to pay the bills and keep operations humming. One way to evaluate working capital is the extent to which current assets, which can be readily turned into cash, exceed current liabilities, which must be paid within one year.


Working capital definition, the amount of capital needed to carry on a business. See more.

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Working capital definition is - capital actively turned over in or available for use in the course of business activity:.


working capital meaning: 1. the money belonging to a company that is immediately available for business use, rather than money it has in investments or property 2. the money that a company needs to operate and produce its goods or provide its services, for example to make payments to employees…. Learn more.


Define working capital. working capital synonyms, working capital pronunciation, working capital translation, English dictionary definition of working capital. n. 1.


Working capital definition: Working capital is money which is available for use immediately , rather than money which... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples


working capital: 1. The cash available for day-to-day operations of an organization. Strictly speaking, one borrows cash (and not working capital) to be able to buy assets or to pay for obligations. Also called current capital.


Working capital is money that is available for use immediately, rather than money invested in land or equipment. Funds for the buyback will come from working capital and bank borrowings. The project has been put on hold for lack of working capital .


Working Capital = $160,000 - $65,000 = $95,000. In this example, we see that the company's working capital is $95,000 -- a positive working capital. Positive working capital generally indicates that a company is able to pay off its short-term liabilities almost immediately. Negative working capital generally indicates a company is unable to do so.


Working capital is a measure of both a company's efficiency and its short-term financial health . Working capital is calculated as: