Joseph McCarthy had a negative impact on American society in that he compelled the American public to enter a state of anti-communist hysteria so severe that innocent people were maligned, ostracized, blacklisted and in ... More »

Joseph McCarthy launched an anti-Communist crusade in the 1950s, accusing government officials and citizens alike of adopting Communist practices and forming alliances with the Soviet Union. Joseph McCarthy's anti-Commun... More »

The 1896 Presidential election demonstrated a movement in American society away from the extreme concentration on agriculture and toward a society that embraced industrialism. William Jennings Bryan ran as a Democrat wit... More »

Joseph R. McCarthy served as a U.S. Senator from the state of Wisconsin. McCarthy was elected to Congress in 1946 and stayed in office until his death of cirrhosis of the liver at age 48 in 1957. More »

Theodore Dwight Weld was highly critical of slavery in American society. Weld was so adamantly opposed to slavery that, having been told that by trustees not to discuss the issue, he resigned from his professorship at th... More » History Modern History US History

Lyman Beecher's criticism of American society was that the rise of social problems, such as alcoholism and poverty, threatened the success of the new republican government. Beecher was an American Founder, writer and Pre... More »

George Ripley's criticism of American society was about the status quo of the population and how it conformed to society's standards. Ripley also disparaged about the social norm of teaching controversial subjects within... More »