The amount of time allowed to press charges after a crime or to file a report with the police is dependent on the crime and the state in which it is committed says J. Hirby at The Law Dictionary. Generally it is advised ... More »

According to the law offices of Gilbert and Smallman in Miami, Fla., filing a false police report is a serious criminal offense in which most individuals accused of the crime face felony charges. Felony convictions lead ... More »

In a leniency letter to a judge, the writer should include the positive aspects of the convicted person's character and a passage asserting that the convicted has taken responsibility for the crime and how it has affecte... More »

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Writing a crime report requires accuracy, attention to detail and the ability to write clear sentences that only state the facts. Stick to the 5 W's: "who, what, when, where and why" when writing the report, and include ... More »

The rights a person loses when convicted of a felony depend largely on the state laws in which the felon resides, notes The Law Dictionary. The right to vote, own a gun and serve on a jury are some examples of rights aff... More »

A felony charge is a charge to an individual alleging the person has committed a serious crime against a person, property or the state. A person convicted of a felony often serves a prison sentence, is charged a fine or ... More »

A crime is a charge by the state or federal government on behalf of its citizens against a person accused of violating the law while a civil wrong is wrongdoing that causes damages and thus requires compensation or repay... More »