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Three of the best children's dictionaries available are "Webster's New World Children's Dictionary," "Thorndike Barnhart Children's Dictionary" and "The American Heritage Children's Dictionary," says Elizabeth Kennedy. As a journalist, Elizabeth Kennedy has reviewed and...


A dream dictionary is a dictionary that lists various symbols that commonly appear in people's dreams and explain their potential meanings. These explanations are not completely accurate and definite, since dreams are complex and can have unique meanings for every indiv...


One of the best-selling books on dream interpretation is "12000 Dreams Interpreted" by Linda Shields. DreamMoods.com and DreamDictionary.org are popular online resources for dream interpretation. Both websites, as well as the book, have a dictionary-type layout.


A dictionary definition is first determined to be included in a dictionary by the amount of citations of the word's use as determined by a dictionary editor, and it is written in a format that includes the word, the phonetic spelling for pronunciation and the definition...


Rhyming dictionaries exist in both paper and online formats. Online dictionaries include rhymezone.com, rhymer.com and writeexpress.com, and they are free of charge. They are of particular use to writers of poetry, song lyrics and ad copy.


Webster's Dictionary is a well-known dictionary published by Merriam-Webster. Dictionaries by other publishers have been published under the Webster name, but authentic Webster dictionaries bear the Merriam-Webster name as of 1982.


Homophones are words that sound like one another but have generally different spellings and meanings, and ahomophone dictionary provides lists of homophones in relation to their matching original term. Homophone dictionaries are mostly available online.