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Animal classification Using a dichotomous key Background: Classification of animals is a way to group them based on similar traits. This is an important way to see how animals are related to each other. They are separated into groups using traits or characteristics (like whether they have a backbone or not).


A dichotomous key is a tool created by scientists to help scientists and laypeople identify objects and organisms. Typically, a dichotomous key for identifying a particular type of object consists of a specific series of questions. When one question is answered, the key directs the user as to what question to ask next.


This project is about learning how to use a dichotomous key to identify plants or animals. Through the process of creating their own dichotomous key and field guide the student will sharpen their observation and classification skills, both of which are necessary for success in upper level science courses.


People can use dichotomous keys to classify almost anything—animals, plants, minerals, bacteria, etc.—into specific categories. The structure of a dichotomous key is usually built upon dividing a group of objects into two categories based on a particular characteristic.


Scientists use dichotomous keys to classify organisms so they can be studied and organized by characteristics. For example, if you were looking at a panda bear and a raccoon, you may think they belong to the same family, but by further study, you will find they are not the same family of animals.


How to Make a Dichotomous Key. A dichotomous key is a way of identifying specimens based on contrasting statements, usually about physical characteristics. By drawing a series of contrasts, you are able to narrow down the specimen until...


Animal Classification: Vertebrate Classification When teaching classification in science, a dichotomous key is an easy tool to use. In this activity, students will identify each vertebrate group based on their characteristics. Then, they will classify animals into these groups using the dichotomous key. #Vertebrates #Classification #DichotomousKey #CarrieWhitlockTpT


The method adopted uses mostly a dichotomous key based on two choices, which is either in written format or pictographic, or both. For convenience, there may be polytomous sections within the book. A written dichotomous key presents the reader with two statements that describe certain characteristics.


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