Diamond accents are tiny diamonds that weigh less than one-fourth of a carat. These types of diamonds are commonly used in jewelry pieces to accentuate larger diamonds or other kinds of precious or semi-precious stones. More »

The term "diamond solitaire" refers to a type of jewelry featuring only one diamond. Diamond solitaires may be rings, necklaces or earrings. More »

Diamonds have many uses which include being used to shape and polish other gemstones, and man-made diamonds are used in drill bits and other tools. Diamonds are also used in the windows that cover X-rays and vacuum chamb... More »

Diamond accents are diamonds that are smaller than the main gemstone on a piece of jewelry. They are typically adjacent to the primary setting and serve to highlight the piece. More »

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Shopping for a floating diamond pendant necklace involves considering the four Cs -- color, clarity, cut and carat -- and the overall style and appearance of the setting. The cut and the diamond's size should be the most... More »

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The price of a Xavier Quartz diamond watch varies by finish, quality, number of diamonds and other factors. Xavier Quartz diamond watches can be purchased from USA Link and other stores for about $130. They can also be b... More »

A 1-carat diamond ring is a piece of jewelry that features a 1-carat weight diamond or multiple diamonds totalling 1 carat affixed to a circular band, which is usually made out of a precious metal. The ring is meant to b... More »

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