Teach PE points to bands of myosin and actin within the structural units of skeletal muscle as cause for the tissue's striated appearance. The units they are contained in are called sarcomeres, which are structurally dis... More » Science Biology Cells

Organelles of a skeletal muscle cell contain the same organelles as other animal cells, with the addition of myofibrils. Muscle fibers within the skeletal cell are known as myofibers. These organelles allow skeletal musc... More » Science Biology Cells

Individual muscle cells, or myocytes, are surrounded by a thin connective tissue sheath known as the endomysium. This protective sheath allows smooth muscle contraction by electrically insulating each individual myocyte ... More » Science Biology Cells
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University College London explains that skeletal muscle cells have more than one nucleus in each cell because each cell is actually a combination of several cells that have fused to each other. During the process of fusi... More » Science Biology Cells

The diaphragm is made of skeletal muscle tissue. Any cell that has the ability to contract is considered a muscle cell. Skeletal muscles are typically voluntary muscles, which means that people can control when they cont... More » Science Human Anatomy Muscles

The difference between myosin and actin is that, where myosin uses cellular energy to move along the actin, the actin is the passive partner in the process. Myosin and actin are the protein types responsible for muscle m... More » Science Biology Molecular Biology & DNA

A cheek cell, an epithelial cell found in the tissue on the inside lining of the mouth, continually secretes mucus to maintains a moist environment in the mouth. Together with salivary glands that secrete saliva, the che... More » Science Biology Cells