A macro environment consists of several factors for analysis, including political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental factors. As such, it is commonly known as a PESTLE analysis. It is a framework t... More » Science Environmental Science

A macro environment represents the economy as a whole, not a particular region or business sector. A macro environment includes inflation, employment, overall monetary and fiscal spending policy and gross national produc... More » Business & Finance Business Resources

According to, a macro environment consists of the major external and uncontrollable factors that influence an organization's decision making and affect its performance and strategies. It refers to ... More »

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Macro environment factors refer to all external uncontrollable forces that affect the decision-making, strategies and performance of any organization. Macro environment factors are often categorized using the acronym "PE... More » Science Environmental Science

The extraction and combustion of coal negatively impacts the environment, causing water and air pollution, acid rain, mountaintop depletion and acid mine drainage. Harmful emissions from incomplete burning of coal also p... More » Science Environmental Science

An environment generally refers to the surroundings of various living residents, while an ecosystem is a community consisting of both living and non-living things that work together. In general, an ecosystem is defined b... More » Science Environmental Science

Some causes of wildlife extinction include habitat destruction, pollution, hunting and introduction of foreign species to an environment. Many causes of extinction are directly related to humans. More » Science Environmental Science