Diagramming a sentence allows a writer to see how each word in a sentence works. Diagramming can help a writer remember grammar rules by creating a visual representation of how a sentence is supposed to be constructed. More » Education Writing

To practice correct sentence grammar, it is necessary to learn, understand and apply the basic rules of sentence structure in English. These rules involve understanding subject and predicate, knowing the parts of speech ... More » Education

Diagram a sentence using a straight line with space for the subject, verb and complements. Use diagonal lines that branch off the main line for modifiers, including adjectives, adverbs and prepositions. More » Education
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A topic sentence specifies the main point of the writer’s paragraph, and it is usually located at the start of the paragraph as the first sentence. Every paragraph should contain a topic sentence to give the reader a gen... More » Education Writing

A sentence using the word "serendipitous" is: "Sir Alexander Fleming's discovery of penicillin began with a serendipitous observation." Another sentence is "The serendipitous weather was perfect for a picnic in the park.... More » Education Writing

A sentence using the word "literal" is: "I used the word in its literal sense." According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the word "literal" is an adjective meaning "completely true and accurate: not exaggerated." More » Education Writing

A example of a sentence that uses the word diminish is, "He has done nothing to diminish the achievements of his colleagues." Diminish most commonly means to make or cause something to seem smaller or less important, to ... More » Education Writing