The purpose of a diagnostic test in education is to assess the current state of a student's progress or ability in a particular area. Some diagnostic tests determine if a student qualifies for special education services ... More »

Diagnostic tests are used to determine what repairs are required to ensure a vehicle operates properly. On newer model vehicles, an on-board diagnostics computer interface is used in conjunction with diagnostic tools and... More »

There are various adult reading comprehension tests available, both online and in print. The Literacy Information and Communication System website,, lists the Adult Basic Learning Examination, Adult Measure ... More »

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Any school employee trained in the administration of state tests may administer a state reading test to an ESL student. These employees include classroom and enrichment teachers, specialists, administrators and classroom... More » Education Standardized Tests

Elementary schools use Accelerated Reader tests, or AR tests, to track each student's reading progress. AR quizzes focus on the content of grade-level books, magazines and other media that the student has read. A student... More » Education Standardized Tests

Renaissance Learning's STAR Enterprise measures progress of student skills in reading and math. The program offers different interactive tools that help K12 educators assess student performance and develop individualized... More » Education Standardized Tests

EasyCBM Math features two options for assessing a student's progress and need for additional support in math: the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Curriculum Focal Point Standards in Mathematics and the Common... More » Education Standardized Tests