Havighurst developmental tasks are the array of skills and abilities that human beings develop across their lifetimes. His theory mediates between natural, seemingly innate development and development supported or requir... More »

The developmental tasks for adolescents center around becoming more self-sufficient, developing a clear sense of self-identity and learning how to navigate and build relationships with those of the opposite sex. Much of ... More »

The daily tasks of a pediatrician include administering vaccinations, treating illnesses, performing wellness checkups, making hospital rounds, checking test results, returning phone calls and writing prescriptions, acco... More »

The Mini-Mental State Exam, or MMSE, includes questions and tasks to evaluate a subject's memory, problem-solving skills and other cognitive abilities, according to the Alzheimer's Association. While individuals without ... More »

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Jean Piaget's developmental theories revolve around cognitive development and the idea that childhood plays a vital and active role in a person's development. His theory of cognitive development involves four stages, the... More »

Human beings need shelter for protection against natural threats, such as extreme weather and dangerous creatures, and even as security against other human beings. Humans also use shelter to store goods and possessions t... More »

A behavioral trait is an action commonly observed in individuals throughout a species, such as human beings laughing and smiling or cats grooming themselves. In animals, such traits are generally ascribed to instinct, th... More »