English, a West Germanic language in the Indo-European language family, has gone through three main periods in its history: Old English, Middle English and Modern English. Its roots are Germanic, but it has been heavily ... More »

Modern English originated as a Germanic language during the early middle ages, gradually evolving over the centuries with the introduction of elements of Norse, French, Latin, Scottish and other languages. The earliest r... More »

Shakespeare influenced the English language by devising new ways to use words, creating numerous words and phrases still used today and inspiring countless titles in popular media. Shakespeare is one of the most influent... More »

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The original Old English language that was a West Germanic language gradually became Middle English by adding vocabulary and language patterns taken from Norman, or French, language brought into Britain by invaders. It g... More »

A person can learn English by practicing the language consistently, studying phrases and spending time in places where English is spoken. He should avoid spending too much time studying English grammar. More »

English listening lessons are recorded texts used by those learning English as a second language or striving to increase their understanding of the English language and broaden their vocabulary. Lessons are structured fo... More »

Some good short dialogues that can help English students learn the language include conversational responses to difficult questions, such as "Can you repeat that?" or "Can you speak more slowly?" Active communication phr... More »