Transition plan templates are available through sites such as,, and, as of 2016. Some sites offer multiple versions of transition plan templates fo... More »

Write an employee transition plan by meeting with the employee vacating the position to understand her current obligations and responsibilities and outlining all outstanding matters she needs to address before leaving. T... More »

A transition plan lays out a series of events and resources needed to move a business into a new direction. It starts with a list of deliverables, such as studies, analyses, projected sales or client growth, new policies... More »

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Find free construction templates online through sites such as and The templates on these sites include construction contract, construction proposal and building project templates. More » Art & Literature Architecture

Action plan templates are available on and, as of 2015. Templates are available to download for free in formats such as Microsoft Word and PDF. More »

Some good examples of risk-management plan templates include's Template for a Quality Risk Management Plan and the Risk Management Plan Template, which is available on the Project Management Docs website... More »

Comprehensive templates for succession plans are available online at sites such as and through software packages such as Halogen. They include tools such organizational charts, employee data and qualificatio... More »