A "vision statement" is a forward-looking statement developed at the executive management level of a company. The vision statement paints a broad picture of the objectives and direction of the business, which leads to th... More »

A vision statement is a one-sentence statement describing the inspirational long-term change that an organization or a program desires to achieve. Whereas a vision statement may contain information on how the organizatio... More »

Examples of a company vision statements are, "To make our customers happy" and, "To bring quality products to the world." Another example is, "To increase access to technology in schools." More »

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A vision statement is used to communicate a company's goals and aspirations in a single, concise sentence or paragraph, such as Oxfam's "A World Without Poverty" or Google's "To provide access to the world’s information ... More »

To create a vision statement, make a list of long-term business goals. Choose one or two goals that represent where you want the business to be in five to 10 years. Write two or three sentences that incorporate these goa... More »

To write a strategic plan, write an organizational overview, and a mission and vision statement. Analyze the company's internal and external situation, and develop business growth goals. Explain performance metrics, and ... More »

An example of a balanced scorecard, which is a strategic development tool to measure expectations and performance in a business, include a mission and vision statement along with a strategy map, performance measures and ... More »