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Destiny Quest allows kids to access school library resources at any time, even if the library is closed. The service is available as an app through the Google Play Store, iTunes and the Amazon App Store.


Destiny Quest is a set of books that is also an interactive game. Readers of Destiny Quest choose weapons, spells and armor to customize their protagonist before embarking on a quest, similar to a tabletop role-playing game.


To search for books on the Destiny Quest library, enter the name of the book for which you're looking or related search terms in the search box labelled Find on the home page of Destiny Quest. A list of matching book results is displayed immediately.


WebQuest is an educational model based on using the Internet and database access skills in order to complete specific lessons and access information on specific topics. The WebQuest model was developed by Bernie Dodge in 1995.


As of 2015, Quest customers can contact the company by calling either their office or toll-free phone numbers. Customers looking to reach the Goshen or Middletown, New York, branch office can also call their respective phone numbers or send them a fax message.


Destiny Library Manager is a comprehensive software solution for managing school libraries in K-12 schools. Developed by Follett International, this software supports more efficient cataloging, circulating and searching of library materials.


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