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Download Vault Item Manager for Destiny 2 and 1 old versions Android APK or update to Vault Item Manager for Destiny 2 and 1 latest version. Review Vault Item Manager for Destiny 2 and 1 release date, changelog and more.


The Vault is a FREE item manager application for the massively popular shared-world shooter games; Destiny 2 and Destiny 1. The Vault is created keeping the hardcore and casual players in mind and minimises the time and effort required to equip an item, to transfer an item to or from the Vault and to transfer an item between your characters.


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Destiny Item Manager. Raid Guides. Crown of Sorrow. Scourge of the Past. Last Wish. Spire of Stars. Eater of Worlds. The Leviathan. Quest Guides. Exotic Quests.


Destiny item manager CHECK IT OUT. Control Your Items Your Way. Swap items, check stats, and build the loadout to Become Legend with DIM. Hunted by @allauddin-khilji. UPVOTE. 22.88. SHARE. software.


The Destiny Item Manager isn’t new by any means, being first released earlier this year by programmer Kyle Shay. However, I recently discovered the app after reading about it in a post by Kirk Hamilton on Kotaku – and I must say, it’s pretty darn useful. To use the Destiny Item Manager, all you need to do is download the free Chrome ...


One of the developers of the Destiny Item Manager (DIM) has revealed details on just what it is capable. This has plenty of features which will help players keep their inventories under control, so it leaves time to focus on enjoying the game without having to worry about spending all your time in the tower rearranging your items.


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Destiny Item Manager (DIM) My go-to inventory manager, with DIM you can easily move items between characters and vault, create loadouts, see your active quests, and so much more. It’s free too! Destiny 2 Companion App. Somehow, Destiny 2 doesn’t have an in-game Fireteam finder. Luckily, this companion app has a good LFG (looking for group ...


For any kind of build making, I highly recommend using a third-party app, like Destiny Item Manager. Destiny still doesn’t have custom loadout slots. Nor can you filter items in your Vault according to category, element, ammo type, etc. No one Titan build is ever best for every situation! So saving loadouts will save you a ton of hassle down ...