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Thomas Paine believed that the American army would become the strongest in the world, that America would achieve independence from Britain with a strong army and that the country would become an "asylum" for people seeking respite from oppressive rule. As a result of all of this, Thomas Paine believ


The term "Manifest Destiny" was first used in 1845 to reference the widespread belief that enterprising pioneers had a divine right to expand from the east coast to the west coast of the continental United States. Native American tribes impeding this grand destiny had to be addressed.


Activision and Bungie have staked $500 million on the success of their new game Destiny. If it proves to be a successful gamble, what will the fallout be? Source: Activision All eyes are on Destiny, a new video game being crafted by former Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) developer Bungie and Call of Duty pu


Find the latest about Destinys Child news, plus helpful articles, tips and tricks, and guides at Glamour.com To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. To revisit this article, select My⁠ ⁠Account, then View saved stories. Featuring the early days of John and Chrissy, Jay-Z


Since last Monday ( heard the "is back again" sentence ) i have been reaserching every single method, cure, etc that you can imagine....Like must of you know I believe ( or did ? ) in meditation, visualization, prayers etc, Cahnged my diet to NO red meat at all, barely any sugar , lots of fruits and


Destiny's Child had a huge influence on R&B. They also inspired one of the catchiest and most memorable songs from Hamilton. Hamilton is a major success with audiences across the world. Part of what makes it successful is that it takes 18th-century history and makes it feel immediate by incorporatin


The latest expansion to the Destiny universe, 'Rise of Iron', doesn't just expand add more missions and content. It makes the whole game better. It’s been two years since Activision and Bungie began their grand experiment with an open-world, multiplayer sci-fi shooter, and Destiny is still going str


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It's a masterpiece. It's a masterpiece. BuzzFeed Staff In modern times that is called Snapchat. Yes, they make an "Independent Women" joke here. The bedspread was custom-made (and designed by her mother, Tina). The bed frame is, according to the girls, the bed from the movie Devil's Advocate. She sa


Many well-known artists have been said to have been left-handed, suggesting a link between left-handedness and artistic creativity, but is it true? New insight has been gained in recent years into how the brain works. In particular, the relationship between the left and right brain has been found to