Olivia Luca and PIOL are two websites that let girls design their own prom dresses. Both sites offer the opportunity to choose style, length, color and material. Girls put in their specific measurements to have a dress c... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

Online sites, such as Piol Dress and Coco Myles, guide their users through the process of designing a personalized dress. Their online tools go through the stages required to design a dress, such as color, shape, length ... More » Holidays & Celebrations

In order to design a dress, it is imperative to choose the style early in the process. A dress can be long or short, have a halter-top or a sweetheart neckline, or have a sash or embellishments. After that is decided, a ... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing
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Punk fashion for girls includes miniskirts, fishnet tights, stiletto heels or boots, animal prints and bold jewelry. Guys often wear leather jackets with spiked studs, fitted pants, tank tops, steel-toe combat boots and ... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

Classy prom dresses are dresses that are tasteful in design and can be worn to the prom. The word classy means elegant, graceful and dignified. More » Holidays & Celebrations

Old prom dresses can be sold online on auction sites or at consignment shops, particularly those specializing in prom dresses, homecoming dresses and other special event attire. Schools sometimes have prom dress sell-bac... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing Skirts & Dresses

Depending on the fabric, dresses can be altered and made bigger but not usually by more than a size or two. It is always easier to make a dress smaller than it is to make it bigger. More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing