Tips for designing a hoodie include researching designs, sketching frequently and choosing the right placement for the design. Designers who are creating the hoodie themselves, instead of using a custom hoodie company, s... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

Shoppers design their own clothes at, or Each website allows visitors to customize hats, t-shirts, tank tops, pants and dresses with custom artwork. More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

Templates to create Keep Calm t-shirts can be found online on the Custom Ink, Zazzle and Keep Calm and Carry On websites. Each website offers custom designs with variables that a customer can alter. More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing
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Tips for creating clothing include keeping a sketchbook handy at all times, experimenting with different materials and buying fabric from wholesale resources. If the intention is to create a clothing line to sell, it is ... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

Tips for creating your own outfit include discovering what fits best, putting in additional effort when getting dressed, overdressing when in doubt, purchasing classic basics and dressing primarily for yourself. Doing so... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing