The Traffic Engineering department of the state, county, city or local agency is responsible for traffic light design, as noted by the Federal Highways Administration. The most commonly referenced materials for traffic a... More »

There are two traffic signal sizes, differentiated by their approximate lens diameter, 8 inch or 12 inch. The 8-inch traffic signals are approximately 30 inches tall, 9.5 inches wide and 6 inches deep. The 12-inch signal... More »

To buy antique traffic lights, check out flea markets, auctions, online classifieds, online auction sites and traffic light collectors. Collectors may have duplicates in their collection they might consider selling. It's... More »

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Contest a traffic violation by examining the exact wording of the law specified in the ticket and then comparing all the elements of that statute with the actual circumstances under which the ticket was written, says Nol... More »

Many states allow people to pay fines for traffic violations online, but the process for doing so varies by state and location, according to The traffic ticket itself normally lists information about payment opt... More »

A white curb can be meant to designate several different things depending on the laws of the city or town, like a passenger load and unload zone or a reserved spot for police or fire department vehicles. White curbs ofte... More »