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Kingdom Monera - All the organisms of this kingdom are prokaryotes. Complex structure was the basis of classification of organisms, many centuries ago. According to R.H. Whittaker's five kingdom classification all the bacteria were placed under the Kingdom Monera.


Monera (/ m ə ˈ n ɪər ə /) (Greek - μονήρης (monḗrēs), "single", "solitary") is a kingdom that contains unicellular organisms with a prokaryotic cell organization (having no nuclear membrane), such as bacteria. They are single-celled organisms with no true nuclear membrane (prokaryotic organisms).


Monera definition, a taxonomic kingdom of prokaryotic organisms that typically reproduce by asexual budding or fission and have a nutritional mode of absorption, photosynthesis, or chemosynthesis, comprising the bacteria, blue-green algae, and various primitive pathogens. See more.


Kingdom Monera, Protista And Fungi Billions of years of evolution have led to a mind-numbing variety of species on earth. Classification of these organisms was a serious challenge for the biologists.


DESCRIPTION OF THE DOMAIN EUBACTERIA (EHRENBERG 1828) EUBACTERIA: Eubacteria (pronounced: u-bak-TE-ree-a) is a combination of two Greek root that mean "well or true" (eu - εὖ) and ... Some of the names are: Monera, Prokaryota, Bacteria, and Eubacteria. All are used interchangeably in reference to taxa of this domain.


Monera kingdom characteristics include unicellular organisms, primitive organisms and the presence of a rigid cell wall. Monera are thought to be the most basic kingdom on the planet and are comprised of mostly bacteria.


Monera, taxonomic kingdom that comprises the prokaryotes (bacteria [1] and cyanobacteria [2]). Prokaryotes are single-celled organisms that lack a membrane-bound nucleus and usually lack membrane-bound organelles (mitochondria, chloroplasts; see cell [3], in biology).


The Monera kingdom includes all bacteria that may infect animals, humans, and plants. But most of the members are termed as beneficial bacteria, rather than pathogenic bacteria. The Monera kill organisms causing pathogenic diseases, breaks down algae, and can even recycle chemical pollutants like hydrogen sulfide and ammonia.


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