No matter the industry, clerical jobs usually include duties such as answering phone calls, taking messages and greeting visitors. In addition, typing, filing, sorting and distributing mail, handling office documents and... More » Business & Finance Careers

To write a receptionist job description, include a summary of the duties required by the job, highlight the functions an applicant must be able to perform to complete the job effectively, and mention the areas in which t... More » Business & Finance Careers Career Aspirations

A project coordinator's job description includes organizing various components of a project to ensure everything goes as planned, which entails working with clients and team members, budgeting, projecting the flow of cas... More » Business & Finance Careers Career Aspirations
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Clerical officers perform administrative and clerical duties. They will perform tasks such as typing, computer work, mail and filing. They are usually office based but may attend meetings in other locations. More » Business & Finance Careers

A secretary's duties can include many responsibilities, such as scheduling appointments and meetings, managing calls and messages from third parties and keeping and maintaining records and files. This position is also so... More » Business & Finance Careers

Most clerical skills can be classified under "office skills," such as phone line operation and typing. General office skills form the basis for clerical skills. More » Business & Finance Careers

Numerous sites offer skills assessments quizzes to test clerical and office skills. In addition, various staffing agencies and companies test job candidates on their skill levels and can provide testing results upon comp... More » Business & Finance Careers