An English word that has its origin in Hebrew is the word "copacetic". It comes from the Hebrew phrase "kol beseder", which means, "every thing is all right". Another word which comes from the Hebrew is "cabal," from "Ka... More » Education

The word "test" derives from Middle English, in which it referred to a vessel used to treat gold or silver alloys or ore. The Middle English word derived from the Latin "testum," meaning earthen pot, or from the variant ... More » Education

A list of root words for English is available at and features a list of commonly used root words, their meanings and examples of words that are derived from these roots. T... More » Education
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Pronunciation guides for Hebrew words can be found online at and, as of 2015. Both sites offer a variety of Hebrew words with pronunciations and the opportunity to download more resource... More » Education

There are a handful of names that share the same spelling in English and Hebrew, including Adam, Rachael and David. Other names are similar but have key spelling differences. For example, the "b" in an English name like ... More » Education

Some of the most common Hebrew names for males are Jacob, Michael, Ethan, Joshua and Daniel, while the most common female names include Isabella, Abigail, Hannah, Elizabeth and Sarah. Dating back to the Israelites, Hebre... More » Education

To learn to write Hebrew letters, consider taking a session with a teacher or a rabbi so you can study the proper meaning and order of the alphabet. Learn both the print form and the written form of the alphabet. Take it... More » Education