Doctors may need a teenager to take depression-related tests if he is exhibiting symptoms of depression, such as constant fatigue, insomnia, unexplained weight loss and suicidal thoughts, explains the Mayo Clinic. Doctor... More »

There are a multitude of free tests available online to determine the likelihood that you are suffering from depression. However, regardless of the results, if you feel that you are suffering from depression, it is impor... More »

An online assessment for depression is available on the Depression website. However, taking an online test for depression is not a substitute for seeking a doctors diagnosis and care, states More »

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The symptoms of depression include poor concentration, fatigue, irritability, feelings of hopelessness, loss of appetite, overeating, decreased interest in activities, headaches, sad feelings, insomnia, feelings of guilt... More »

Some major warning signs of depression include fatigue and decreased energy, overeating or loss of appetite, feelings of guilt or worthlessness, persistent sad thoughts and feelings of guilt, states WebMD. Additional war... More »

Symptoms of depression can include difficulty concentrating, trouble remembering details, problems making decisions, fatigue, feelings of worthlessness or guilt, feelings of hopelessness or helplessness, pessimistic beha... More »

Common symptoms of depression include irritability, feelings of guilt, fatigue, a loss of interest in hobbies, and feelings of hopelessness, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. Insomnia, consistent feel... More »