People can find information about arrivals and departures for airports by searching websites such as FlightStats or Flight Arrivals. These sites display updated information for flights throughout the world. More » Geography

The departure tax to leave Mexico is a fee issued by the country of Mexico to all noncitizens who are leaving the country. The tax hovers around $65, according to Riviera Maya Holidays, and can be thought of as a type of... More » Business & Finance Taxes

“On Monsieur’s Departure” is a poem attributed to Elizabeth I, the queen of England and Ireland from Nov. 17, 1558, until her death on March 24, 1603. It was said that the queen wrote the poem for François, Duke of Alenç... More » Art & Literature Literature Poetry
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Visit the My Flight tab under the O'Hare Airport section on the Chicago Department of Aviation website to see the upcoming arrivals and departures from the airport. The page also gives you a chance to search for a specif... More » Geography

Travelers access flight information for departures from the Vancouver International Airport by clicking Departing Flights under the Flight Information tab. All flights for the current day appear in chronological order fr... More » Geography

To find flight arrivals to terminal three at Toronto Pearson International Airport, go to the website, click All Arrivals under flight Search, choose the day of interest and click on the down arrow next to Term to sort t... More » Geography

To check arrivals at Halifax Stanfield International Airport, click Arrivals under the Fight Information tab at the upper left corner of the airport's website. Another option is to go directly to the website of the airli... More » Geography