Travelers who want to track flight departures can use websites such as FlightStats, FlightView, or FlightArrivals. Visitors to the websites can search for flight information using several different parameters. More » Geography

?????????On Monsieur?????????s Departure????????? is a poem attributed to Elizabeth I, the queen of England and Ireland from Nov. 17, 1558, until her death on March 24, 1603. It was said that the queen wrote the poem for... More » Art & Literature Literature Poetry

People can find information about arrivals and departures for airports by searching websites such as FlightStats or Flight Arrivals. These sites display updated information for flights throughout the world. More » Geography
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Check if an airline flight is on time by using a flight tracker website, such as FlightStats and Flight View, or the airline's website. Flight situations can change quickly and can affect scheduled flights. Passengers sh... More » Geography

To check for flight delays and cancellations, visit the Flight Status section of your airline's website or the home page of a flight-tracking site such as or Enter the departure date and f... More » Geography

Travelers who are larger than the average size should research an airline's "Customer of Size" regulations before booking a seat on a flight and check for information on which airlines offer the larger seats... More » Geography

The status of particular flight can be checked by using an online flight tracking website, such as FlightStats or FlightView, by entering flight information as well as the departure date. These websites also generally al... More » Technology Internet & Networking