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The Denver Basin, variously referred to as the Julesburg Basin, Denver-Julesburg Basin (after Julesburg, Colorado), or the D-J Basin, is a geologic structural basin centered in eastern Colorado in the United States, but extending into southeast Wyoming, western Nebraska, and western Kansas.


DENVER BASIN AQUIFER SYSTEM. INTRODUCTION. The Denver Basin aquifer system supplies water to rural and suburban residents of much of the plains area along the eastern front of the Rocky Mountains in northeastern Colorado ().The aquifer system underlies an area of about 7,000 square miles that extends from Greeley south to near Colorado Springs and from the Front Range east to near Limon.


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The Denver Basin is an asymmetric structural basin stretching from Colorado’s Front Range to the eastern plains, and from Greeley to Fountain. Rock layers within the basin are more steeply inclined along the Front Range where they slope eastward towards the basin’s center.


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In the Colorado Springs area the Denver Basin Group stratigraphic section is composed of five units, in ascending order: 1. a basal late Cretaceous unit (Kpv) composed almost exclusively of andesitic debris and introduced from the southwest. This unit, previously only designated the “lower part of the Dawson Formation”, has herein been ...


Denver Basin Bedrock Aquifer Data including aquifer boundaries, contours, properties, elevations, and point data.


USGS overview of principal aquifers of the United States


ARTICLES: DENVER BASIN GROUND WATER. The Denver Basin is a series of layered aquifers that underlie portions of the following counties: Weld, Boulder, Adams, Denver, Morgan, Arapahoe, Douglas, Elbert, and El Paso. From top to bottom, the aquifers are named the Dawson, Denver, Arapahoe, and Laramie-Fox Hills.


The Denver Basin aquifer system is a critical water resource for growing municipal, industrial, and domestic uses along the semiarid Front Range urban corridor of Colorado. The confined bedrock aquifer system is located along the eastern edge of the Rocky Mountain Front Range where the mountains meet the Great Plains physiographic province.