One way to find dentists who offer payment plans is to visit the websites of local dentists, as many practices, such as Lovett Dental and Aspen Dental, list information about their payment options online. Another option ... More » Health Dental

Options for finding dental care without dental insurance include participating in medical studies or charity events, finding low-cost dental clinics and visiting a dental school. In the event of dental emergencies, some ... More » Health Dental

People with Aflac individual insurance for dental coverage can use the benefits with any dentist without restrictions. People who choose an Aflac dental plan can stay with a current dentist, since Aflac does not have a n... More » Health Dental
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Delta Dental, a dental insurance provider, offers a list of dentists and an explanation of benefits for its PPO plans at its website. The company has four levels of PPO insurance: basic, preferred, premium and premium pl... More » Health Dental

Organizations with dental payment plans such as Great Expressions Dental Centers and Quality Dental Plans charge patients a low annual fee for a certain amount of free service and discounts on subsequent service, reports... More » Health Dental

Consumers can find a list of HMO dental providers by browsing one of the directories that offer comprehensive information about the dentists offering HMO plans in a certain area, according to These include M... More » Business & Finance Insurance Health Insurance

As with most health and dental insurance plans, you can determine which dentists in your area accept BadgerCare Dental by calling BadgerCare Dental directly. Once you are connected with a representative, ask if any of th... More » Health Dental