Contact dental schools in your area to see if they can perform your procedure for free, according to The procedure may take longer since students are learning and practicing the procedure, but it is overseen b... More » Health Dental

Find government help for dental work through programs such as medical care for the uninsured, health resources and services administration and local or state health care clinics. Each government program has eligibility c... More » Government & Politics Social Services

Dental bridge prices range from $700 to $1500 per tooth, depending mainly on the need to perform additional procedures on adjacent teeth, tooth preparation for the procedure, bridge material and insurance coverage, state... More » Health Dental
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A low-income patient can get affordable tooth extraction services through dental schools, clinical trials, local health departments and nonprofit organizations. Dentists often recommend a tooth extraction when the tooth ... More » Health Dental

Job aggregators and niche websites, including those of dental societies, dental associations and dental schools, have the best websites for searching open dental positions, explains Forbes. These websites feature jobs fo... More » Health Dental

Find cheap low-income dentists through dental schools, the Bureau of Primary Health Care, clinical trials, centers that accept Medicare or Medicaid and non-profit organizations. Dental care is important in ensuring prote... More » Health Dental

Find a low-cost dentist for a dental emergency through local government health departments, dental schools, clinical trials or online resources. The government provides funding to certain health providers who treat indiv... More » Health Dental