The four essential elements involved in demonstrating dental malpractice are duty, breach, causation and damages, according to LegalMatch. A patient who suffers harm as a result of the incompetence, malice or negligence ... More » Government & Politics Law

Lawyers who specialize in the field of dental malpractice are revealed through various online search engines, as well as by reaching out to local law firms that deal more broadly with medical malpractice. Online services... More » Government & Politics Law

Over half of all dental malpractice settlements pay out under $10,000, according to the Chicago Tribune. The average payout for medical malpractice lawsuits overall, however, is around $275,000, claims the Christian Scie... More » Government & Politics Law
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A victim is only able to prove medical malpractice by a doctor based on the fact that the practitioner had a duty to care, and there was breach of that duty. The breach should have directly led to injury, and the injury ... More » Government & Politics Law

It is possible for a person who feels he has suffered emotional distress due to negligence or the intentional actions of another person to sue for damages, according to LegalMatch. Damages in these cases are limited to t... More » Government & Politics Law

Tort reform is a term used to describe efforts to place caps on monetary damages a plaintiff can receive in medical malpractice cases for noneconomic losses, according to a JRank article. Frequently, tort reform is a hot... More » Government & Politics Law

If a doctor's negligence caused a disability that resulted in damages to you, including pain, medical expenses, or lost wages or earning capacity, you may have cause to sue the doctor for medical malpractice, according t... More » Government & Politics Law