The average settlement amount in a dental malpractice case in the United States is $68,000, according to Albert W. Chianese & Associates. Approximately 8,500 dentists are sued for malpractice annually, and the dentist's ... More » Health Dental

Infections caused by faulty dental equipment, needless extraction of teeth and the misdiagnosis of a dental condition are some common claims against dentists in malpractice cases. Dental malpractice is when injury to a p... More » Health Dental

After depositions in a medical malpractice case, the attorneys discuss a settlement and may agree to mediation. If an agreement is not reached, the case goes to trial and is decided by a judge, advises Nolo. More » Government & Politics Law
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One of the best ways to check for malpractice suits against a dentist is to look him up with his state's dental board. The dental board also has information about complaints that have not progressed to lawsuits. More » Health Dental