One of the easiest ways to get dental insurance is to sign up for the plan offered by an employer or spouse's employer. Many employers offer dental insurance as a part of a benefits plan. Signing up for dental insurance ... More » Business & Finance Insurance Health Insurance

You can sign up online at for an individual plan to get Delta Dental insurance. Delta Dental is also available through select companies for their employees. Also, organizations such as AARP and Costco off... More » Health Dental

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Some medical plans roll in dental insurance so that it's part of one plan and premium. It is possible to purchase dental insurance coverage without having medical insurance. More » Business & Finance Insurance Health Insurance

An Aetna Preferred Provider Organization dental insurance plan offers the choice of any desired licensed dentist, has lower costs when selecting a PPO network-participating dentist, does not require a referral and does n... More »

On a scale of 1-10, Aetna PPO dental insurance plan gets an 8.9, states Top Ten Reviews. For claims payment, it ranks among the highest in a comparison with similar plans. More » Business & Finance Insurance Health Insurance

Delta Dental offers individuals, families and employers a choice of three dental insurance plans: a PPO, a plan similar to a HMO and a fee-for-service plan. Delta Dental restricts the availability of these plans based on... More » Business & Finance Insurance Health Insurance