Types of dental implants include endosteal, subperiosteal and transosteal, according to Patient Connect. Dental surgeons recommend these dental implants when a patient has lost a tooth and its root due to injury or denta... More » Health Dental

Someone may need dental implants to enhance their speech, appearance or eating abilities, according to WebMD. People usually have dental implants to replace missing teeth. More » Health Dental

Types of dental diagrams include the maxillary arch, mandibular arch, fixed orthodontic appliances, dental implant, primary teeth and permanent teeth. Dental diagrams focus on certain sets of teeth or certain procedures ... More » Health Dental
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Common problems caused by dental implants include post-surgery infection, sinus concerns, fractured implants, pain, and swelling and bleeding from the gums. However, the procedure has an overall 95 percent success rate, ... More » Health Dental

Mini dental implants have practically all the benefits of standard implants, but as their name implies, they are smaller in size and can be implanted without complex flap surgery, according to Shatkins F.I.R.S.T. Mini de... More » Health Dental

Common dental surgeries are root canal therapy, dental implants, tooth extraction and gum tissue graft surgery, according to WebMD, the American Association of Endodontists and Colgate. Root canal therapy removes infecte... More » Health Dental

Types of dental grants available include cosmetic dental grants, grants for institutional research, grants to better policies and programs, scholarship grants, and grants for dental materials and supplies. Many charitabl... More » Health Dental