The cost for full-mouth dental implants can range from $25,000 to $100,000 US dollars, depending on a variety of factors, explains My Dental Implants. Additional factors that influence price are: what part of the country... More » Health Dental

As of 2015, the average total cost for a dental implant, abutment and crown is $4,250, states the Dental Implant Cost Guide. Costs range from $1,500 to $6,000 but can be higher depending on other required procedures, suc... More » Health Dental

Patients can finance the cost of a dental implant procedure using options such as CareCredit and Citi Health Card, according to their websites. Both health care credit cards have networks of participating dental provider... More » Health Dental

Dental implants are necessary to replace missing teeth and are an alternative to a bridge or dentures, according to Mayo Clinic. Dental implants are permanent and are placed into the jawbone of the patient. More »

Dental implants are typically made from pure titanium, according to Community Health Centers. Titanium is used to create dental implants due to its osseointegration property, which means that the metal can directly fuse ... More » Health Dental

Dental implants are predominantly made from titanium, a durable material that offers a firm foundation for teeth replacement, states the Academy of Osseointegration. Dental practitioners might use other materials, such a... More » Health Dental

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