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The clothes are fab, the whole thing is lit in a cool blue half the time, but the story is a wispy corporate spy drama, with its meat drawn straight from the screenplay of Videodrome. At first we thought we were enjoying ourselves, but ultimately Demonlover is a tired lay.


Diane tiene casi treinta años. Trabaja en una multinacional dirigida por Henri-Pierre Volf. La empresa está diversificando sus actividades -- ya abarca desde el negocio inmobiliario hasta el ...


At once illness and antidote, wound and knife, chilling and fascinating-in short, demonic and loving-demonlover is a beautiful and disturbing contemporary filmic object, concentrating within ...


Demonlover is a 2002 neo-noir thriller film by French writer/director Olivier Assayas. The film stars Connie Nielsen , Charles Berling , Chloë Sevigny , and Gina Gershon with a musical score by Sonic Youth .


Demonlover is a very modernist film which deserves to be alligned with the great dystopic novels of the previous century, "We", "the Iron Heel", and particularly "1984" with one proviso its primary impact as opposed to literary is videogenic.


Demonlover’s cast includes the elegant, multilingual Connie Nielsen (who at one point dons a latex getup that recalls Maggie Cheung in Irma Vep) and prototypical “It” girl Chloë Sevigny. The ambient guitar score comes from avant-rock legend Sonic Youth.


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"Demonlover" begins in the cutthroat world of big business, and descends as quickly as it can to just plain cutting throats. It's a high-gloss corporate thriller that watches a group of vicious women executives as they battle for control of lucrative new 3-D Internet porn technology.


Directed by Donald G. Jackson, Jerry Younkins. With Christmas Robbins, Val Mayerik, Gunnar Hansen, Tom Hutton. A group of teenagers hanging around a cemetery get involved with a satanic priest who calls up a demon from hell.


Buy or rent on Amazon http://amzn.to/h8GfJ3. BUY THE DVD: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000... French director Olivier Assayas creates a wild thriller about ...