The common luggage rules for air travel cover the items allowed in checked or carry-on luggage, according to the guidelines put out by the Transportation Security Administration, or TSA. Individual air carriers adjust th... More » Geography

As of 2015, Delta Airlines allows passengers to check up to 10 bags on Delta or Delta Shuttle flights and up to four bags on Delta Connection carrier flights. Delta may limit the amount of excess baggage if it prevents o... More »

As of 2015, the three major U.S. airlines have identical carry-on bag size restrictions, but discount airlines and international airlines have different limitations. Delta, American, and United all require that carry-on ... More » Geography

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) provides guidelines for carry-on luggage on their website. Different airlines, such as Delta and United, also publish website luggage guidelines. More » Geography

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) prohibits sharp objects, sporting goods, guns and firearms, tools, martial arts and self-defense items, explosive and flammable materials and disabling chemicals, along wi... More » Geography

Weapons, tools, explosives, sharp objects, pool cues, hockey sticks and baseball bats are a few of the many items that are prohibited from being carried in carry-on luggage by the Transportation Security Administration a... More » Geography

The TSA is directly responsible for creating and enforcing carry-on luggage rules at airports, making it a major influence on factors such as luggage size, number per person and the contents that may appear inside them. ... More » Geography