If the laptop boots up and connect to the Internet, use the Quick Test tool in the support section at to diagnose many common problems. If it does not boot up normally, repeatedly press the F5 key after powering... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

To obtain a Dell manual for a particular laptop model, visit or offers reliable downloads, as it is the official website for Dell products. However, provides free ma... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

On Windows XP, Vista or 7, a Touchpad tab in the Control Panel features settings and a toggle with which to deactivate the touchpad. On Windows 8.1 or 10, a similar toggle providing the option to disable the touchpad is ... More » Technology Computers & Hardware
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Manuals for Dell laptops are available in the Support section on and in the Laptop sections on third-party websites that host manuals for different products and brands. The latter option includes websites such a... More » Technology Computers & Hardware features an online Quick Test that can diagnose many problems with a Dell computer. In addition, the website features an online tool allowing anyone in possession of a Dell computer to input the service code lis... More » Technology Internet & Networking

Dell offers a diagnostic tool on their site that helps to identify and fix problems associated with USB ports. The device manager located in the control panel of the Windows system offers a quick view for any problems as... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

To get a manual for a Dell Latitude E6410, find the laptop model in the Product Support section on, open the manual as a PDF file in a new tab, and save it to your computer. The manual is also available in the D... More » Technology Computers & Hardware