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AC Delco car batteries are sold at a large number of retailers. To find the nearest retailer, simply go to their website and enter your zip code at the top of the page. It will redirect you to a page with addresses and phone numbers of merchants that sell them.


AC Delco batteries are some of the best on the market, according to Cars Direct. The way the batteries are manufactured, the size of the cores and the company are all held in high regard in terms of durability and efficiency.


AC Delco has a store locator on its website that shoppers can use to find local stores that stock AC Delco parts, including batteries. Shoppers can enter a ZIP code into the store locator or their city and state for a list of nearby store options.


As of 2015, some companies that repair Delco car radios are Factory Car Stereo Repair Inc., Southern Electronics Inc. and M&R Electronics. Factory Car Stereo Repair Inc. offers carry-in and mail-in car radio repair services. All car radio repair works come with a one-year warranty.


As of April 2015, Costco and Delco auto batteries are considered two of the best car batteries in terms of performance and pricing. Both batteries are also maintenance free. However, Costco batteries do not come with free installation, and consumers must have paid membership to buy from Costco.


Most auto parts stores do not carry AC Delco batteries. Stores such O'Reilly's and NAPA typically sell their own store brand batteries. AC Delco batteries are sold at GM dealerships, AC Delco Authorized Service centers, some independent repair shops or online through sites like eBay.com or Amazon.co


Charge a Delco Voyager marine battery using a trickle charger. Watch the gauge on the charger or the Delco eye, and disconnect the charger when the battery reads fully charged. Overcharging a battery causes as much damage as undercharging it.


ACDelco spark plugs are spark plugs sold under the automotive parts brand name ACDelco. ACDelco is a brand name owned by General Motors, which manufactures factory parts of GM vehicles and aftermarket parts for other vehicles.


BatteriesPlus.com and AutoZone.com provide prices for car batteries. Additionally, local auto repair shops can help customers find the correct batteries and provide a list of prices.


A car battery is made of a thick plastic case, lead-based positive and negative internal plates, plate separators, lead terminals and electrolytes. The manufacturing process varies slightly between battery manufacturers, but most are made in similar ways.