To convert degrees to radians, simply multiply the number of degrees by π /180°. Though pi can be converted into its decimal approximation 3.14, it is generally acceptable to leave it as "pi" without converting to decima... More » Science Measurements

The measurement of 30 degrees is equal to ?/6 radians. In the unit circle, there are four crucial coordinates. Zero degrees equals zero radians; 90 degrees is ?/2 radians; 180 degrees is ? radians; and 270 degrees is 3/2... More » Math Geometry Shapes

The equation used to convert degrees to radians is rad = (deg x pi)/180, where rad stands for radians, deg is degrees and pi is equal to 3.142. Radians and degrees are ways to measure an angle in a circle. More » Math Algebra
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A radian to degree converter is a tool that converts an angle measured in radians into the same angle in degrees. These calculators use a simple formula to convert between radians and degrees. More » Science Measurements

To convert degrees, minutes and seconds (DMS) to decimal format, use the whole number provided for degrees and add a decimal point. Then divide the minutes by 60 and the seconds by 3600 and add these two numbers together... More » Science Measurements

The protractor postulate states that the measurement of an angle between two rays can be designated as a unique number, and this number would be between 0 and 180 degrees. This postulate enables the use of a protractor t... More » Science Measurements

Converting degrees from Fahrenheit to Celsius is accomplished by subtracting 32 from the original number in Fahrenheit. Next, divide the answer by 1.8 to get the final answer in Celsius, which 107 degrees Fahrenheit equa... More » Science Measurements