Crushed stone comes in several grades, and some of the most popular grades are #5, #67, #1, #8, #3, #10, #57 and #411. Crushed stone is used primarily in construction, while homeowners commonly use grade #57 for driveway... More »

The benefits of a crushed stone driveway include the low cost, easy maintenance, quick installation and water permeable nature of the material. Gravel and crushed stone come in a variety of colors and rock sizes, allowin... More » Home & Garden Outdoor

The most common size is grade 5 crushed stone, which contains pieces of stone that are typically no larger than 1 inch. Crushed stone grades 57 and 67 are also commonly used for driveways and construction and contain pie... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Building Materials
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In order to purchase conflict-free diamonds, a buyer should be knowledgeable about what constitutes non-conflict diamonds, ask questions about a stone's origin and request written proof of a stone's status. Utilizing a c... More »

A Lindy star sapphire is a synthetic star which is essentially painted on a stone. It was manufactured by the Linde division of the Union Carbide Corporation between the 1950s and 1970s. Production stopped in 1974 due to... More »

Look for reflections of blue and red within a ruby, as well as uniform color and small inclusions, or flaws, within the body of the stone. Bubbles, scratches and a stone that is too clear and perfect are indications that... More »

Examine a sapphire under strong light with a jeweler's loupe to look for scratches, bubbles and light reflections that indicate the stone's origins. If in doubt, a certified gemologist can give a definitive answer as to ... More »