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Define beaker. beaker synonyms, beaker pronunciation, beaker translation, English dictionary definition of beaker. n. 1. A wide cylindrical glass vessel with a pouring lip, used as a laboratory container and mixing jar. 2. A large drinking cup with a wide mouth. 3.


Definition of beaker 1 : a large drinking cup that has a wide mouth and is sometimes supported on a standard 2 : a deep widemouthed thin-walled vessel usually with a lip for pouring that is used especially in science laboratories


Beaker definition, a large drinking cup or glass with a wide mouth. See more.


Beaker definition: A beaker is a plastic cup used for drinking, usually one with no handle . | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples


A beaker is distinguished from a flask by having straight rather than sloping sides. The exception to this definition is a slightly conical-sided beaker called a Philips beaker. The exception to this definition is a slightly conical-sided beaker called a Philips beaker.


Among the topics are chronology and radiocarbon dating, strontium and oxygen isotope evidence, the local and European settings, Bell Beaker mortuary rites in Wessex, the journeys of the Bowmen on the islands and the continent, the construction of social identities, and whether the Archer and Companion came by way of the Rhine or the RhA[acute accent]ne.


‘The beaker in front of the first pitcher is a prize example of Anthony Rasch's New Orleans work, about 1825 to 1835.’ ...


beaker - a drinking glass. Usage: The orange juice was served in a bunch of primitive beakers that had been nicely rinsed.


beaker definition: 1. a large or ornate cup; goblet 2. a jarlike container of glass or metal with a lip for pouring, used by chemists, druggists, etc. 3. the contents or capacity of a beakerOrigin of beakerMiddle English biker from Old Norse bikarr,...


One of them involved pouring all the water from a tall, thin beaker into a short fat one and then asking which beaker held the greater volume. Debate needed on child intelligence Line up two beakers ("fish tanks") and fill each with 250 milliliters (one cup) of water.