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White definition is - free from color. How to use white in a sentence.


White definition, of the color of pure snow, of the margins of this page, etc.; reflecting nearly all the rays of sunlight or a similar light. See more.


White people is a racial classification specifier, used mostly and often exclusively for people of European descent; depending on context, nationality, and point of view. The term has at times been expanded to encompass persons of Middle Eastern and North African descent (for example, in the US census definition), persons who are often considered non-white in other contexts.


white (wīt, hwīt) n. 1. The achromatic color of maximum lightness; the color of objects that reflect nearly all light of all visible wavelengths; the complement or antagonist of black, the other extreme of the neutral gray series. Although typically a response to maximum stimulation of the retina, the perception of white appears always to depend on ...


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Something that is white is the color of snow or milk. He had nice square white teeth. Issa's white beach hat gleamed in the harsh lights. A White person has a pale skin and belongs to a race of European origin. Working with White people hasn't been a problem for me or for them. Whites are White ...


white definition: The definition of white is colorless, or the non-yolk part of an egg. (noun) The color of the snow is an example of white. A man who identities himself as Caucasian is an example of someone who is white. The albumen of an egg is an...


Whiteness, within sociology, is defined as a set of characteristics and experiences that are attached to the white race and white skin. In the U.S. and European contexts, whiteness marks ones as normal, belonging, and native, while people in other racial categories are perceived as and treated as unusual, foreign, and exotic. Sociologists believe that what whiteness is and means is directly ...


White is the lightest color and is achromatic (having no hue). It is the color of fresh snow, chalk, and milk, and is the opposite of black. White objects fully reflect and scatter all the visible wavelengths of light. White on television and computer screens is created by a mixture of red, blue and green light.


Black definition is - of the color black. How to use black in a sentence.