A weak electrolyte is a substance which forms ions in an aqueous solution but does not dissociate completely. When dissolved, a weak electrolyte does not disperse completely into ions. The solution instead contains both ... More »

The relationship between modern, antiquated and weak involves an analogy similar to those found on standardized tests. The sequence goes "modern : antiquated :: weak :" which means "Modern is to antiquated as weak is to,... More »

Acid is defined as a chemical species that donates hydrogen ions or protons and accepts electrons. Scientists classify acids as weak or strong. Mineral acids include such compounds as sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid.... More »

According to AZ Central, exercise challenges the human body's ability to maintain homeostasis by changing fluid and electrolyte levels along with other physiological aspects. Routine exercise makes the body grow stronger... More »

Exercises recommended for patients with a weak heart include jumping rope, jogging, walking, water aerobics, biking and cross-country skiing, according to National Jewish Health. It's best that patients exercise for at l... More »

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Some good exercises for weak legs include knee marching, calf raises and lunges. These exercises are low-intensity options for those recovering through rehabilitation, children or the elderly. More »

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Acetic acid is a weak electrolyte that is categorized as a weak acid. Acetic acid is a weak electrolyte because it only ionizes partially. In a solution, the ions of a weak acid tend to recombine to form the acid, unlike... More »